Sunday, July 17, 2016

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A tale of two first ladies:

The Washington Post reports rather cheekily that Ann LePage, the wife of the Republican governor of Maine, has used family connections to secure a job.  She is waiting tables during Maine’s tourist-rich summer on the coast at an establishment where her daughter previously worked!  Her husband’s salary is only $70,000, the lowest of any state chief executive in the country.  Maine’s first lady is hoping to buy a car.

Quite a contrast to another first lady some time back, whose governor husband’s salary in Arkansas was also low by national standards.  First Lady of Arkansas Hillary Clinton invested $1,000 in cattle futures, which turned into $6,300 overnight and nearly $100K over ten months.

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Liberal Logic: Free press applies only to quill pens and hand presses!

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman, Democrat from New Jersey, claims that the Second Amendment applies only to muskets, and as such, citizens don’t have the right to own various and sundry other weapons.  That delusion is based on her understanding that the Framers were specifically addressing only muskets.
Of course, that would also mean that the First Amendment’s freedom of speech does not apply to radio, television, recordings, electronic media of any type, and anything other than speaking or shouting with or without an eighteenth-century bullhorn.

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North Carolina NAACP Official Spreading Hate

Gatewood waters the seeds of paranoia, fear, and hate, with implications of a police conspiracy to frame an innocent man.

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Hillary Clinton prioritizes outlawing criticism of Hillary Clinton

Orlando, Dallas, Nice, terrorism, dangerous levels of deficit, lowest workforce participation in decades as millions give up even trying to find work, Putin auditioning for Tsar Vlad the Terrible, the bonds that hold a civil society together coming apart at an accelerating rate...and Hillary Clinton announces her intent to seek to alter the Constitution within a month of being sworn in as president.  For what grand purpose would that prioritization be?

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