Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, the 18th.

I can't get Rush Limbaugh on the radio here or on my PC at work. Did listen to him whenever I could a few years back, though, and enjoyed him immensely. Found out today that his EIB staff posts a daily 'Rush'sTotal Pile of Stuff', containing links to material found by or given to Rush that day for show prep. Today, September 18th, 2007, in Rush's "pile", was yesterday's American Thinker blog post by yours truly. That's kewl in itself, but, I have no idea if he even mentioned it! I guess I'll just always wonder....

Nah! Like the 'About Me' says - I forget stuff.

OTOH, the good folks at Done With Mirrors have let it be known that the Watchers Council from the Watchers of Weasels has declared a post of mine at American Thinker on Brian DePalma's comments about his new film an 'out of council winner' for the week of Sept. 13. Give 'em a visit. Impressive membership in the Council, as well as an outstanding alumni list!

The nutroot side of the web is at a loss as to how to handle the tasering of Florida University student Andrew Meyer by campus security during a question and answer session with John Kerry. There are several videos up of the event, including at YouTube.

Meyer was not, as many claim, just asking a question or questions. Whether what he did in toto was or wasn’t sufficient cause for the campus cops to do as they did, and I admit I can't see how it was, Meyers was engaging in the type of ‘questioning’ generally reserved to Senators and Representatives at hearings with cameras running. He began with faux graciousness, and then launched into a monlogue about Kerry actually having won in 2004 but for some reason Kerry didn’t contest the outcome. He loudly pointed out that both Bush and Kerry were members of the Skull and Bones as college students, and wondered why Kerry hadn’t done more to impeach Bush. There were ‘questions’ there, but they were there the way we saw with various Democrats last week when General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker were testifying. You run on and on with innuendo, insinuation and insinuendo in a flurry and then after several minutes of this ask something like ‘So whatchya got to say?’.

The incident doesn’t easily fit a recognizable template for the leftosphere’s customary rage, but not for lack of trying on their part. If you haven’t guessed this yet, for some it was, of course, Bush’s fault. As one left blogger has it:

“Another out-of-control Bushist police incident
In BushAmerica, don't criticize Bush.

In fact, don't even criticize Bush's opponents for not doing enough about Bush. Because look what happened at the University of Florida when John Kerry came to speak there.
According to one report, John Kerry acknowledged the fairness of the questions, and there's no justification to blame Kerry if the police can't control their own Bushism... That type of dissent against the Bush order is not tolerated.”

The author doesn’t seem to realize (or care) that Mr. Meyer was directing considerable hostility and accusation at Kerry. It's gotta be all Bush, all the time.

Emil Steiner has a blog at WashingtonPost.com and is a sometimes reporter for the paper. He sees this, not to be taken as an indication of a reporter who will see what he wants to see in spite of facts:

“Florida Student Is Shocked at Kerry Forum

In the latest sign of the risks of asking questions of politicians, police tasered a University of Florida student yesterday in Gainesville at a town hall meeting run amok.”

The comments at DailyKos are all over the place. There are some defending Kerry and claiming Meyer was way out of bounds for not simply obeying the campus security officers when they told him to leave after the mike was shut off when his tirade ran over the one minute allowed for all questioners. Others are calling Kerry a wimp for just “droning on” while Meyer was being roughly handled.

Many of the comments are simply up to snuff for the tinfoilers. It is just another clear sign of the police state the poor folks are living in:

“Incidents like this are what makes me fear my government. In fact, I am more afraid of my own police than I am of any supposed terrorist threat. It's really a sad state of affairs.”


“I think much of our devolution into an authoritarian police state has to do with the transition of local police to paramilitary organizations.”


“Of course you should never question police action in a police state, and police can haul you away for no reason at all. That's what America has come to.”

This is campus security police here. Not the FBI, Treasury Agents, BATF, Federal Marshalls, or even State Troopers, County Sheriffs or a Municipal Police force. Campus cops, agents of the police state. Pretty soon it’s a spying alliance of the NSA and Walmart greeters.

Selwyn Duke has a must read up at American Thinker on
why hypocrisy is a good thing.

LGF provides another piece of evidence that there are those who believe that if, oh, it was reported that a man of Middle Eastern origin was caught in a public park carrying an AK-47 and wearing camo paint shortly before the anniversary of 9/11, it would just lead to hordes of borderline psychotic Americans running on a rampage slaughtering anyone swarthy enough to be presumed a Muslim. Ace of Spades weighs in.

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