Saturday, May 2, 2009

What Bill Whittle does to Jon Stewart...

...may constitute torture, or at least cruel and unusual punishment. Stewart can at times be a very funny man, but any idea that he might have an analytical mind or be a serious thinker as opposed to someone whose "smarts" cred is limited to spouting ignorant liberal/left bromides is untenable after Whittle is finished with his history lesson.

This seventeen minute video on PajamasTV is devastating to Stewart's moronic and historically illiterate charge that President Harry Truman is a war criminal for the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan in WWII. Watch it all. It's worth it. There is information here that few Amnericans know, and I didn't know.

By the way, if you've never read Whittle's "42nd Boyd and the Big Picture" that I linked as a "MUST READ" long ago, do so now, or perhaps forever wonder what those folks mean when they say "Ooda loop"!


longwalker said...

Shooting fish in a barrel is more sporting than engging Jon Stewart in a battle of wits. He comes into the fray unarmed! Liked the reference to "Forty-second" Boyd. Do you OODA?

Denis Keohane said...

OODA time!