Friday, September 25, 2009

Phony Soldiers Again!

With the following lede the Drudge Report links to this video (language warning) purportedly about the G20 protests:
See U.S. Military Snatch Protester...
This bit of amateurish fakery, complete with phony soldiers, is unsurprisingly being linked to and carried by a host of leftist sites.


Longwalker said...

"Obsolete" uniforms, no headgear, no weapons and traveling in a small civilian car - hard to imagine why you don't believe that these are real military. Either they are phoney or Gates has gone "low budget Army" in a big way.

Denis Keohane said...

Turns out I was wrong on the fakery - they were Pennsylvania State Troopers!

However, I visited a few of the left sites (DailyKos and Democratic Underground, PrisonPlanet) and even after it was revealed on theitr sites that they were troopers some still insisted it was the US military!

Drudge took a lot of deserved heat for the headline. Scroll down to "Drudge's Easy Libel of the Military":

Longwalker said...

Pennsylvania State Troopers - I remember when the state troopers in Pennsylvania wore really neat uniforms with "Smokey" hats. War surplus BDUs is quite a comedown.

Denis Keohane said...

I remember that too!