Friday, October 12, 2007

The Global Warming......War?

Yup, the Goreacle has won the Nobel Peace Prize, for negotiating the peace between the Artic Polar Bear Liberation Front and the......what the heck....

Take that Vaclaw Havel and Lech Walesa, who've tried for years to get the Nobel folks to give it, posthumously now, to Pope John Paul II, who had a bit of something to do with bringing down the Iron Curtain - peacefully!

Last American to win the Nobel?

Carter, 2002.

The Nobel Peace prize has devolved into something like a self esteem program consolation prize for the American left.

I'm personally overjoyed! The rumors have been floating about that if the Goracle won the Nobel that would compel him to enter the Democratic primaries, since the endorsement of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee translates into as many as seven, maybe eight votes in the USA.

If Gore runs, that's great news! Anybody care to guess how much dirt team Clinton and team Gore have on each other? Which they'll use.

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