Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Not So Grand Inquisitor

Henry ‘Little Torquemada’ Waxman is determined to investigate corruption in Iraq! This is another sign of things going well there. If Democrats can no longer charge that the Iraqis are not bearing a fair load when the news is full, even if reluctantly, of Iraq military and police taking on the terror-insurgents (see previous post) and now Sunni tribals are gunning for Al Qaeda in Iraq, there must be something else with which to discredit an ally. I’ve thought for some time that if we pull off something that looks, walks and talks like victory in Iraq, Democrats will have to do everything in their power to discredit the Iraqi givernment on the principle that American could not have accomplished any good through military force.

No doubt there is corruption in Iraq’s government. Maybe a whole lot of it. Maybe even as much as in the U.N., if that’s possible. Or the Clinton campaign, which is probably impossible!

Iraq is engaged in a war for its survival. Members of its political class, unlike ours, have been assassinated on a regular basis and their families are targets of terrorists. A State Department spokesman said “details of anti-corruption efforts must be secret to protect investigators and Iraqi allies.” That makes sense in a place where you can get very dead very quickly.

Of course, the bottom line is that Waxman hopes that if his investigation provides enough cover for Democrats in Congress to stop aid to the corrupt Iraqi government, Iraq may yet fail. That worked before when the Democratic Congress progressively cut back on aid to South Vietnam after our troops were out of the fight. Our forces never lost while they were in South Vietnam, but Congress made sure Vietnam fell after they left.

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Michael said...

I knew Waxman in LA long before he became a member, and his entire career has been Revenge of the Nerds.

Please do not defame Tomas de Torquemada.