Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Suspend Phony Soldiers, Cackles, Etc...

Is the 'phony' Rush Limbaugh 'phony soldier' story meant to bail out MoveOn, or an intentional dust-up to get attention away from other 'troubling' details, or details that could be troubling to Senator Clinton. In only a few short weeks, an avalanche of news has buried any shred of credibilty the Congressional Democrats and in particular Hillary Clinton might have had on the war in Iraq, even if the same media reluctantly reporting that news won't connect the dots.

With the hat tip to Gateway Pundit, the above graph is of the decline of civilian deaths in Iraq. The death toll for last month was less than 25% of what it was last November.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the U.N. will return to Iraq, after having closed its offices in 2003 when a bombing killed envoy Sergio Vieira and 21 others. Improved security is cited as grounds for the change.

U.S. military casualties have dropped to the lowest point in fourteen months.

In the last six months, 30,000 tribe affiliated Iraqis, mostly Sunni, have volunteered to work with the Iraqi government and U.S. forces. Many are enlisting in the Iraqi police and military. They began to do so in the thousands beginning in Anbar Province, considered all but lost a year ago, and Baghdad. Added to those already serving in the Iraqi military, border guard and police, that's roughly a quarter of a million Iraqis fighting the terror-insurgents. Where's the old Whack-A-Mole standard? When we killed a terror-insurgent, and another or a few took his place, that was Democratic proof we couldn't win. Why isn't an Iraqi force of a quarter million, despite years of slaughtering recruits and the terror-insurgents doing everything they could to prevent Iraqis from enlisting, proof that it is the terror insurgents who are losing?

Will any member of the MSM approach Senator's Reid or Clinton, and ask about supposed cooked books or Hillary's suspension of disbelief? The media are transfixed on Hillary's 'cackle', when they should be asking about what she said to General Petraeus, whose report on progress is being hugely vindicated.

Rush can and will defnd himself. Let's not fall for diversions. As to who might be behind a diversion away from the Petraeus Democratic debacle, that's not hard to surmise. It was Media Matters that began the 'phony' Rush charge, the same Media Matters that Hillary Clinton boasted to the Yearly Kos crowd that she had a hand in creating. Had tip to LGF.

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