Monday, December 17, 2007

MSM Credibility (Or Lack Of) Again!

Yes, major established media beats the blogosphere because of all that fact checking and editing! And as though there are not examples enough already....

Michael Hirsh is a senior Newsweek editor. He wrote this. Sigh!

He is a senior editor for goshsakes! He wrote that Al Gore is the "winner of the largest popular-vote total in U.S. presidential history."

Wrong by a factor of three!

In 2000, Gore's popular vote total was 50,999,897.

Reagan's 1984 popular vote total was 54,455,472.

Both Bush's and Kerry's 2004 popular vote counts also beat Gore's, at 62,028,285 and 59,028,109 respectively.

I'd venture that even going through his own mag's archive would have given him a clue.

Sheesh! Maybe some junior editor can fact check the senior editor!


Steve Keohane said...

Don't confuse a PC perspective with actual numbers, they might have to think. Like your perspective and name. Steve Keohane

Denis Keohane said...

What, Denis?

Kidding, Steve. Not all that many Keohane's out there. Have been to Eire, and particularly County Cork from whence hails most of the Keohanes. My guess - we're related, and if we could sit down with some old gents in a pub in Skibbereen, they'd go back over the ancestry to find the link, the who married whom and had who and whom and so forth, as long as we were buying.