Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winter Soldier 2008: A Brawl in Left Field?

There may already be movement afoot to damage or destroy the propaganda rewards the IVAW is hoping to garner next March at their WSI. Efforts are being organized that may well put the entire operation in a bad light, media-wise. And it is all about the media!

Who is doing it? The Swift Vet and POWs for Truth? Gathering of Eagles? Dick Cheney and Haliburton? FOX News?

Nope! It’s their allies. IVAW has this request up at Veterans For Peace and it is making the rounds, including at Daily Kos:

IVAW Requests no National Mass Mobilizations or DC Based Actions during Winter Soldier

In order to give our veterans the necessary space and attention we deserve to tell our stories, we are requesting that, during Winter Soldier, March 13-16, the larger anti-war movement calls no national mobilizations and that there are no local protests or civil disobedience actions in Washington DC. IVAW will not endorse any mass mobilizations or DC-based actions that conflict with Winter Soldier. We feel that large-scale activities will compete with Winter Soldier and dilute the voices of those testifying.

However, it also appears there are some others who intend to crash the party and engage in civil disobedience, in support of the WSI. This was posted on, who bill themselves as the “Aggressive Progressives”:
Join us on Saturday, March 15th for a massive demonstration in Washington, D.C....This gathering will support the Iraq Veterans Against The War Winter Soldier Testimonial....Join us on Wednesday, March 19th, the anniversary of the invasion, for massive civil disobedience in Washington, D.C., and at the local level all around the United States...
Organizations participating are listed below (Initial list),

In Solidarity for Peace and Justice,

Gold Star Families for Peace
Camp Casey Peace Institute
ANSWER Coalition
CODEPINK Women For Peace
Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation
Common Ground Collective New Orleans
Hip Hop Caucus
World Can’t Wait – Drive Out The Bush Regime!
Cindy Sheehan and Cindy for Congress
National Council of Arab Americans
Grassroots America
Democracy Rising
Voters for Peace

Glad Cindy will be involved. Hard to forget how miffed Cindy was about the media coverage Hurricane Rita was getting in September ’05 when it could and should have been focusing on, well...her !

There has to be some behind the scenes bickering going on right now. Maybe some of it will spill out to the public.

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