Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Winter Soldier 2008: What Would (Will) Kerry Do?

In 1971, the original VVAW WSI was handed a huge degree of credibility by the U.S. Senate. Senator Mark O. Hatfield, an anti-war Republican, moved to have the entire WSI testimony read into the Congressional Record. Shortly before American Thinker published my October 9 article on WSI, I sent a letter to Hatfield, now teaching in Oregon. I asked if there was any report or reports made to or hearings held in Congress as a follow-up to the request he made that the WSI testimony be admitted to the Congressional Record and that the proper authorites investigate and report back on the charges made at WSI. I've received no answer, and the CR shows no such report or hearings.

Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator J. William Fulbright, called for the hearings that made Kerry nationally known and launched his political career.

It is reasonable to assume that the backers of the new WSI will try to have something similar happen, and who in the U.S. Senate would they turn to? Yup, Kerry!

I find it difficult to use the word “honor” here, but in a sense Kerry would be honor-bound to do for this anti-war veteran group what his predecessors did for him and the anti-war veteran group that he was a part of. That nationally televised testimony by Kerry is what launched his political career. I fervently hope that is the case, just as I hope that this new WSI makes a temendous media splash!

In his review and comments about To Set The Record Straight, Tom Maguire of JustOneMinute writes:

“I daresay I followed the Swifties quite closely…but I have found all sorts of interesting new details about Kerry's activities in Vietnam and after.”

I second that. It has been well established that young Kerry was self-promoting and wanted to follow in the footsteps of his idol, John F. Kennedy. His volunteering for Swift Boat duty (before the Swifts were engaged in combat operations) was seemingly a way to identify with and be identified with the young JFK commanding a PT boat in WWII. Kerry carried his typewriter around with him in Vietnam and would somewhat eagerly write up the reports that other Swift Boat officers were somewhat loath to do. The Swift boats operated in multiple boat groups, but a single report, including an after action report, would suffice for an incident in which more than one boat and crew were involved. That is what has led to the still pretty reasonable suspicion that the after action reports that painted Kerry in such a heroic light in more than one incident were actually written by Kerry in the first place, and were not seen at the time by the other Swift boat commanders involved. That point has never seemed to penetrate the MSM mind-lock, and so it is often repeated that 'Navy records support Kerry's claims!'.

Many Vietnam vets firmly believe that Kerry climbed the political ladder ontheir backs, using them and abusing their reputations to advance himself within the left of the Democratic Party. Swett and Ziegler surprised me when they wrote that many members of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War felt the exact same way about Kerry, believing that he was using them and VVAW to promote himself!

Gosh! That's probably too personal a low blow to throw at a man fortunate enough to fall in love with and marry two women, both of whom were rich.

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