Friday, October 16, 2009

Leftist Cowards vs Limbaugh

Gateway Pundit led me (via Legal Insurrection) to what he accurately called a “left wing hate site”. It had a picture of Limbaugh doctored to look like a vampiric Hitler and an article that was written by Casey Gane-McCalla. That is the author of the original asinine and scurrilous ‘Top 10 Racist Limbaugh Quotes’, including the now infamous and debunked James Earl Ray and slavery quotes. Search for ‘Casey Gane-McCalla’ and ‘Limbaugh’ together on Google and you find that CGM is delusional and fixated on Rush.

In the article, CGM quotes Rush recently saying that even though he, Rush, has said many things over 21 years of the Rush Limbaugh Show there is no evidence that he ever said these things. CGM then writes:

Maybe if you went back further to your career as shock jock, Jeff Christie, 30 years ago, you might have better luck finding the quote.

Jeff Christie was the alias Limbaugh used in the seventies as a radio DJ in Pittsburgh. So I posted a comment, a question actually, as denisk, to the effect:

Are you saying Limbaugh made any of these comments as Jeff Christie or just throwing that out as a mighta-been?

How was that answered? With this:

Comment removed.

Oh, and someone answered my comment/question before it was deleted with this:

I see the militia is paying a visit to JJP, lol.

So it's paranoid moral and intellectual cowards! They even have to run from simple questions about the innuendo they try to use as cover!

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