Saturday, October 17, 2009

Proposed: Hollywood Follow NFL’s Limbaugh Example

Principled action prevented the divisive and arguably racist Rush Limbaugh from becoming part owner of an NFL team. That welcome turn of events is owed in no small part to the courageous stand taken by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who said this about the prospect of Limbaugh’s ownership:

We're all held to a high standard here and divisive comments are not what the NFL's all about…I would not want to see those kind of comments from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL...

That is standing foursquare for high standards in this time of expedient compromise!

There is unresolved dispute about whether Limbaugh did or didn’t make certain statements attributed to him praising aspects of slavery or wishing that the assassin of Martin Luther King be awarded a Medal of Honor. No one seems to be able to substantiate the quotes but neither has Limbaugh been able prove he didn’t say them! However, there is no doubt about other despicable Limbaugh statements and show antics such as Barack the Magic Negro, pro football players looking like the Crips and Bloods, white kids being beaten by black kids in Obama’s America or Limbaugh giving his own mother a can opener as a gift so she can eat dog food! There are many more that made Limbaugh worthy of being sacked by the NFL!

Yet, Hollywood is about to pay an artistic tribute to a man just as horrid as Limbaugh!

The man Hollywood is about to posthumously honor is Jonathan Swift, the author of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. A movie of that title is to be released late in 2010, based on Swift’s novel! While that piece of literature may be an entertaining read, it does not absolve Swift for other things he has written. Making a movie of his work will only serve to legitimize his other works!

In 1729, the bigoted, sexist and infanticide advocating Swift produced a horrible piece of work entitled A Modest Proposal. In it, Swift proposed that rather than let Catholic Irish infants starve or grow up into poverty and crime, they should be fattened up, sold as a commodity suited for the tables of the well-to-do and eaten!!! Here are some quotes and none are in dispute!

Swift on eating infants:

… a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked…

…instead of being a charge upon their parents or the parish…they shall on the contrary contribute to the feeding, and partly to the clothing, of many thousands.

… may, at a year old, be offered in the sale to the persons of quality and fortune through the kingdom; always advising the mother to let them suck plentifully in the last month, so as to render them plump and fat for a good table.

…butchers we may be assured will not be wanting; although I rather recommend buying the children alive, and dressing them hot from the knife, as we do roasting pigs.

Swift the misogynist and enemy of woman’s rights wrote:

… another great advantage in my scheme, that it will prevent those voluntary abortions…

Swift the anti-Catholic bigot wrote:

Infant's flesh will be…more plentiful in March, and a little before and after; for we are told…that fish being a prolific diet, there are more children born in Roman Catholic countries about nine months after Lent than at any other season…because the number of popish infants is at least three to one in this kingdom…it will have one other collateral advantage, by lessening the number of papists among us.

There is much more where that came from but those are sufficient to establish the flavor!

The moral imperative involved here is of the utmost importance, but it is not without merit to consider the political and practical if in doing so we deprive the immoral haters of ammunition! Those on the right, most certainly including Limbaugh, will try to use this movie to embarrass and smear President Obama by association! They will connect Swift to those in the movie who are known Obama supporters to establish some kind of linkage in the public mind! Actor Jack Black, who plays Gulliver, performed with his band at an Obama benefit during the campaign! Cast member Jason Segel has publicly stated that he would like a “man date” with the President and actor James Corden was quoted saying about Obama:

I love him! I almost get aroused when I’m watching him!

While on its face such an attempt at linkage may seem absurd, for the intellectually challenged targets such connections will be taken as proof of something more substantial and sinister!

This movie, based on the work of a truly vile person, should not be made or released lest it honor him! Swift’s words, like Limbaugh’s must be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly!


Paul said...

It seems to me that all the negative vibes this blowhard (Rush Hudson Limbaugh A.KA. Jeff Christie) has been spewing over these many years has come back to blow back on his face (A classic “Blow Back”). He always tries to give off the airs that he can have anything he wants but as we all witness those with more money and more influence tossed him aside like sack of potatoes and the ultimate insult was that it was done in public (money don’t buy you everything butterball).

Now of course he blames everyone else (Michael J. Fox, Perez Hilton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor, Hillary Clinton, Olympia Snowe, ESPN, NFL, the media, basically people of color, the handicapped, women and gays) when of course all you have to do is listen to his show and plainly hear his daily prejudices filled sermons. So NFL, I salute you decision, job well done. And to the whaling cry baby perched on his self made pedestal, quit your whining it was your own fault. Don’t we all feel better?

Denis Keohane said...

Hey obviously don't listen to his show. Nice try, though! I'm not a ditto head nor a regular listening, but over more than twenty years I've heard plenty of his shows, and quite a few recently (last few months). I always hear about the supposed hate filled and prejudiced stuff on his show but never from Limbaugh himself! Odd that, almost as though intellectual midgets believe they know what Limbaugh is all about so if they just say so they will appear smart. Point: they don't!

He's primarily an entertainer and very politically incorrect, meaning as it always is with those who violate pc strictures - he's accused of racism for that.

Mark Steyn pointed out something obvious to anyone who exerts the mental effort to look and listen for even a short time. Limbaugh is extremely serious about his profession, broadcasting, and his show. You've heard that, right? As a listener? He cares critically about his show, his and its performance, etc, etc. So the top guy on his staff lo these many years is Bo Snerdley. On top of that, two folks he lets fill in for him when he's away, to care for the Golden EIB mike and speak to all of his racist white listeners - are Drs. Thomas Sowell and Walt Williams. What do those three gents have in common? They are all highly intelligent and accomplished.

You might also notice that all three are African-American.

Longwalker said...

Poor Paul! It helps to have some actual knowledge about a subject before commenting. I first heard about Rush in the late 1980's. Some of the "usual suspects" in the New York City media were complaining about his show. I was working as an administrative law judge on a two day cycle - hearing cases on the first day and writing decisions on the second. So, I brought in a radio and, while on a "writing day," I started to listen to Rush. It took a couple of weeks to understand the program but then I was hooked. My schedule, on writing days, was the Times classical music station until noon. Rush from noon to three and classical music until quitting time. In all my time as a listened - I never heard any statement that a reasonable person could clasify as racist, homophobic or anti-feminist. I did hear a lot of verbal skewering of persons in the public eye. In most cases, the skewering was well deserved. Rush has some faults and has made some mistakes, after all, he is human, but he does not appeal to hatemongers of any hue.

Denis Keohane said...

"It took a couple of weeks to understand the program..."

Rush frequently says that himself: it takes weeks to get his program. I agree. It is especially true for the listener to have time to get the sense of Limbaugh's satire and parody. People who see real Limbaugh quotes out of the context of the parody simply don't get it, kinda like taking a Swift line about eating babies out of context would make Swift a monster.

I've come across sites like DU where up to dozens of folks are damning Rush and talking about what they absolutely know goes on in his show, and without a doubt they've never listened! Let's always keep in mind though, that like Paul, these are the intelligent and caring people, not like those others!

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