Friday, October 9, 2009

The Onion: Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

No, it really wasn't The Onion and one of their parodies going mainstream. I checked. Several times. Deadline for nominations for the 2009 prize was February 1. Meaning - Obama had been President for less than two weeks before being nominated!

This puts the Obama speech to the UN Security Council in perspective. The President had to know he was in the running and had to give the Nobel Committee something to put him over. Sarkozy was furious that Obama did not blast the Iranians for the Qom site when he spoke to the Security Council at the UN, but doing so wouldn't have appeared - hopefully peaceful!

And if Obama knew this was in the works, might he have thought that those Europeans love his wondrous self so much that a small trip to Copenhagen would surely cinch the Olympics for Chicago!

Thanks, Nobel committee, for reinforcing our narcissistic President that yes, it is all about him!

UPDATE: Next: Help Obama win the Heisman Trophy!


Longwalker said...

Considering the way the Nobel Commmittee has made the current award and some past awards, I cannot understand why the Prime Minister of Great Britan, the Premier of France and the German Chancelor did not share the award for "Peace in our Time."

Denis Keohane said...

Heh! Exactly! The Committee only suceeded in getting everyone, right and left and middle, asking what the heck he has actually accomplished. On the other hand, I don't criticize him for lack of accomplishment! Considering what he wants to accomplish, not doing so is one of his few saving graces!