Friday, January 18, 2008

IVAW to the Anti-War Left: It's Our Party and We'll...

I wrote about the rift on the antiwar left regarding Winter Soldier Investigation 2008 weeks ago. Well, they've ironed out their differences and come together in pursuit of a higher goal.....NOT! Whadareyakiddinme'?

From yesterday, 1/17/2008:

Bay Area United Against War Statement in Response to IVAW

"In response to the Iraq Veterans Against the War Open Letter to the antiwar movement: We oppose any demand on the movement to refrain from mobilizing against the war. This demand has hurt the struggle in the United States to end the war. We support all actions of the movement to end the U.S. war on, and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. We urge the whole movement to come together to organize unified protest actions."

Okay, if their unity is not their strength, maybe it's their truthfulness, or maybe it's their reasonableness, or maybe it's their calmness of demeanor, or maybe it's their....

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