Monday, January 21, 2008

War Crimes Are Encouraged - Details Aren't!

Again indebted to Jay, who sends the unsurprising word thar Michael Moore has picked up the Anti-war group says war crimes are "encouraged" story, as has DU – from Michal Moore.

Matter of fact, if you Google “war crimes are encouraged”, you get a whole bunch of the usual suspects passing the IVAW fed story around! More on Google blog search. And remember, there was no detail of a single encouraged war crime in the piece! No details on how these crimes are encouraged! Nothing to fact check! The bobble heads did and do what bobble heads do – their heads bobble up and down in total acceptance.

Oh, and it’s gone video on YouTube!

As an anonymous commentor pointed out, News 10's Brian Dwyer might have earned the DUPE mantel.

I’m leaving in several hours and will probably be off-line for nearly a week. Combination trip. Few days on day job (aerospace) business. Few days with the son currently stationed at Fort Lewis (1st Group). And perhaps a day or so doing some research in the area. If that pans out, you’ll hear about it.

So, while I’m gone, a huge hat tip to the first person who spots the “war crimes are encouraged” story and/or video on an Arabic-English or fully Arabic site. It usually takes a few days, but it gets there, as jihadi recruitment material. They don’t need details either.


The Gray Dog said...

To all concerned. My name is Michael Connelly. I am a founder, board member and web master for Eagles UP. You can contact me at

I have become aware of others posting here who have used Eagles UP as their web site.

I will not pass judgement on their comments. I only wish it to be known that no one holding an official position within our organization is posting here with that domain name.

Any comments from anyone using our domain name are not necessarily consistent with any official position held at Eagles Up.

We also have been recently victimized by individuals who would co-opt our domain name. We would ask that the game playing end now.

Denis Keohane said...

Thank you, Michael. Pay heed, folks!

Army Sergeant said...

Michael Connelly:

I will say that I've had good conversations with Col. Reilly, Rurik, and Zero. Thus far, Eagles Up, in its conversations with me, have not been uncivil, nor have they expressed a desire for violence and have in fact deplored it.

That said: do you and Eagles Up formally disavow any within your organization or without it who may be planning to take violent or physically confrontational actions at WSI II?