Sunday, January 27, 2008

Listen Up, People!

I've been gone for a week and out of touch. Did get to spend a few days with the son temporarilly at Ft. Lewis whom I have not seen very much of the last four or so years. Enjoyed that immensely.

Came back to this....

Some things about this site, that doesn't have to hold true for any other - but this one is mine.

Grim Reaper and anyone else - if you are not formally associated with an organization but post in such a way, even if inadvertently, that can lead others to believe that is the case - don't! Represent yourself or an organization for whom you do have that position and responsibility.

FB Eyes - I am a strong supporter of the Stolen Valor Act. That is a law. As a law, it establishes penalties for wrongdoing, and those penalties can and should come about as a result of a proper investigation of crimes - not supposition, speculation and intimidation thrown around on a public website with personal information about people I am quite sure you did not ask if you could so post that info about them. What you are doing here is wrong! You are working from a presumption of guilt, something our country's laws and I stand opposed to, and are threatening. Yes, I read the thread twice. It is threatening. That is not the purpose of the law. If you have grounds to believe a law has been violated, you have recourse to the proper channels, and should pursue them. To simply point at another and imply you are after him with no grounds to do so is frankly indecent.

Mr. Homans, you are I are no doubt going to disagree about many things, and I take exception, strongly, to some of what you've said here. Having said that, you did not deserve the threats and intimidation aimed your way. I apologize that this happened to you at my site. That I was away is not an excuse. BTW, I do not require that everyone use their real names, and recognize that there is sometimes reasonable grounds for using a pseudonym. However, and just to point out, I don't. Scott Swett and Michael Connelly didn't, and Bill Homans didn't.

Folks, this site is about seeking facts and truth. I actually and truly believe that if adherence to the truth is maintained, that truth will prevail. This site is not about personal attacks, threats and intimidation. If that's what you want, it's a free country, but do so at another site. There's plenty of them.

IVAWSgt did not set out to invite bloggers and milbloggers to WSII. That was my request to IVAW, and IVAWSgt pursued the request. I did so because I believe that is a very good means to proof test what is said/claimed at this WS. The milblogging community has shown itself to be excellent debunkers (MacBeth, Beauchamp, etc.).

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Army Sergeant said...

Sorry I took so long to get back-I think I forgot to click that little box that sends me the updates.

Denis, the website you posted was cut off. I've had the same problem, if you don't hyperlink it long websites often won't display in comments.

You are not a lawyer but you are an NCO. You, like me, know that when a person comes into possession of any information or material that can be critical to the investigation of a serious crime they are legally and morally obligated to reveal that information to the legal authorities. That is civilian law and UCMJ both!

Honestly, I know very little about civilian law. I know UCMJ, but as far as I know, we're held to a higher standard. Actually, that's something I've been wondering about myself-I am obligated to report evidence of crimes, so what do I do when I'm watching Winter Soldier? Should I provide video to command?

First off, you don’t see anything like that here, do you? Second, try backing that up with something.

Gathering of Eagles and some associated groups have in fact vowed to disrupt this WSI. It's a pain in my ass, but it is real.

Also, curious: what in the world was deleted?

Also: hey, I'd have invited you guys originally if I'd thought of it first! It's a good idea, and it falls in line with the idea that this event is for military and vets. Some military and vets have blogs. However, I feel sorry for anyone going only to debunk: they're probably going to have a very boring time.