Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Correction Regarding Hart Viges, IVAW

In more than one post I have written about the “Halliburton On The Run” teach-in held in May of 2006, just before the Jesse MacBeth video went viral. I have linked, more than once, to the AfterDowningStreet site about that.

That site, which is also linked to by the Wikipedia article on MacBeth, states that Jesse MacBeth was on a panel with other IVAW members Hart Viges and Alan Shackleton. That information was carried on a great many sites, including on Michelle Malkin's on the right and at DailyKos on the left.

There was no contesting at the Wikipedia site nor as far as I ever found anything publicly correcting the AfterDowningStreet site about the attendees.

Recently I brought that up in the context of asking how it was that Mr. Viges, who served as a member of the 82nd Airborne in Iraq, could not have spotted Jesse as a fraud.

Hart Viges has informed me in comments, which are not as easily seen as posts, that neither MacBeth nor Shackleton made the event, and as such, Viges never met MacBeth, and the presumption has to be that neither did Shackleton.

I offer my sincere apologies to Hart Viges for passing on wrong information, no matter that I did so believing the source could be relied upon. I'm making this a post rather than a comment for visibilty because that is what is owed to Mr. Viges.


Undercover said...

My respect for Dennis has risen quite a bit. That was a stand up post.

Thus Spake Ortner said...

Dennis is a pretty stand up guy.
Good show.

Army Sergeant said...

Denis, coming to your blog chasing this whole De Wald thing, it's like a breath of fresh air. Retractions. Honesty. Respect for those one intellectually disagrees with.

Thank you. Sincerely and seriously.

I know how hard it is for most to make posts like these. You throw them off with style and panache.

Denis Keohane said...

Thanks Sarge, but seriously, you overdue the praise, as do others. I did the guy wrong, and it's that simple.

About other stuff, I think on all sides there are some of us who time to time feel like the harried workers at a day care center after our wee charges got into a whole lot of highly sugared candy!

And there's the genuine over the top and the too cute over the top, and I think we're all seeing that.

I've also get a lot of respect for those who are not getting sucked into that, and keeping it on issues, where even in profound and serious disagreement, truth, facts and dealing foursquare with each other matters.

Thanks, Sarge.