Tuesday, February 19, 2008

UNC-TV Channel 4, located in the Research Triangle Park of Central NC is not airing the Frontline show on Haditha, "Rules of Engagement"! That means I don't get it. PBS' website claims that no Frontline show is scheduled for the next two weeks!

Well, it's not as though Haditha hasn't been mentioned and talked about a lot on PBS.


Robin said...

denis - go to pbs.org and click on the link to the story. you can watch the entire show online. plus there are interviews and documents that the lamestream media never bothered to report about.

Denis Keohane said...

Thanks, Robin. I'll have to sneak onto one of the kid's machines. My old machine causes the house lights to dim when I try to run video. They needed the really huge gig and speed for - like, school work. The videos and music and games were an extra.