Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winter Soldier Identity Verification

Over at The Sniper, TSO (Thus Spake Ortner) has, as requested by Army Sergeant, sent in his pic for Winter Soldier ID purposes. There seems to be some kind of problem.

On my calendar, any chance I might be able to make it to WSI still runs between slim to fuggedaboudit. One of the reasons I didn’t apply to Sarge. With limitations, I didn’t want to take a space and not show, and by that deny it to someone who could. However, I had thought for years that the “all nighter” was a thing of my long lost past and had no place in my AARP qualified present, but the rarely seen in years and sorely missed NCO son has twice now helped me to understsand that need not be the case. Same with stuff like drinking a combination of fifteen pints (Brit), shots and mixed drinks at the lovely Paddy Coyne’s Bar in Tacoma in one sitting, just because they were on some kind of list, and then walking about three miles to bed and the obligatory worship at the porcelein altar. Makes one feel young again! So, there’s that eensy-weensy chance that a bug will hit me, I’ll down several Red Bulls, jump on the bike and just head out. Not as an official WSI blogger, but just to drop by and say “Hi” and “Where do we get beer?” to all and sundry. So, watch for me.

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