Friday, February 22, 2008


To All:

Over the next several days this site will be substantially changed. It has been, simply, a blog. In that, and somewhat in keeping with a format that has little in the way of established form, it has been, well, free form: generally relaxed, and more of a spontaneous discussion than a systematic presentation of facts and arguments.

When I’ve written for a serious on-line journal like American Thinker, I’ve made the effort and took the time to present something that was a formal, linear, cohesive and readable presentation. What I have done here has largely been to jot down thoughts and findings, generally in the evenings, after work and when already somewhat tired.

While I sought to deal with serious issues seriously, I also used the site as something like recreation and relaxation. Blogs also tend to become a community thing, and it is perhaps natural that the blogger can tend, as I have, to more and more write for that community, as opposed to a broader audience. A person coming to such a site may not be able to nor believe it warranted to spend the time to come “up to speed” on what has been going on.

That ended last night. I was brought up short on the divide between what the seriousness of the issues deserve and what I was putting into delivering.

Many years ago, when I read of Abraham and Moses I was able to intellectualize something of what they must have experienced. The All Powerful God told Abraham to pack up his family and belongings and leave everything he knew to travel to parts unknown with no idea of what he would find there. The All Powerful God told Moses that he would be the Lord’s emissary to Pharaoh, and later, the man who would lead God’s Chosen People to a new land. I could well imagine how those events must have intimidated and triggered, even if momentarily, self doubt.

Last night I believe I came to perhaps better empathize with that intimidation and self doubt before the awesome Lord of All Creation.

I got my marching orders, however, from a Marine!

It was less like a voice coming from a burning bush and more like a mule kicking one upside the head. That’s in effect, if not delivery, which was gracious. Maybe velvet glove gracious, but gracious none-the-less.

The comments will remain free form, and I’ll engage in them. However, it is my intent that a few days from now, a new visitor to this site will find it easy and intuitive to use this site and its linking capability to come away with a good background on the first Winter Soldier Investigation of 1971, its effects, direct and indirect on our culture in general and the Vietnam Vets in particular, and how the new WSI next month may follow the same pattern. Hopefully, that person will also be able to systematically find information and background on IVAW and the upcoming event.

As such, over the next few days you may see posted comments that don’t seem to make sense, and in isolation they won’t. If I do this correctly though, when all the posts are done, and linked for navigation, they will make sense. This won’t be perfect, as I don’t have the time to even attempt to rewrite what I had placed here for months. But all material will hopefully be categorized and easy to find.

Stand by.


Thus Spake Ortner said...

I don't really know what you mean, but since I applaud everything you write, I will roll with it.

Does this mean I have to spell things, like, accurately?

Denis Keohane said...

"Does this mean I have to spell things, like, accurately?"



Actually, the only thing you would have to spell like accurately would be of course - accurately.


Nice job on the civilian control thing, BTW. Have never seen it put better, or (damn you!) more concisely.

Zero Ponsdorf said...

Go for it Denis.

The nice thing about one's heart being in the right place is that the truth will win out. That'll be my measure, whatever you do.

Army Sergeant said...

A little confused. So you're reworking your entire blog around Winter Soldier?

Denis Keohane said...

Not exactly, Sarge.

I am reworking so that material, and as of now most of that is about WSI, will hopefully be easy and intuitive to find.

It'll be topical categorization and organization. Since late last December and through next month, WSI has been primary and that'll continue for at least the next month.

After that, I don't know yet. Maybe election 2008 site number 2,359,012. Or erotic Viking art.