Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Battery of IVAW Loose Cannons!

Well, well!

Big Punisher Jonathan DeWald, the Hero of Bialystok (Poland), has been noticed by Michelle Malkin and by this time possibly even the FBI. He piggybacked (or brokebacked, who knows!) on another IVAW "peace activist", Evan M. Knappenberger, who threatened on line to bomb the GOE.

To be fair, one can "nut pick" from all manner of sites with all types of political leanings, though from what I've observed the spread is very uneven. The Kos/DU side of the web runs away with the prize in that category.

But it is really strange that activists in an organization that believes we should not have engaged in a war in Iraq because we had no cause to do so has such outspoken members who rant about bombing, shooting and punching out those they disagree with!

How many loose cannons in IVAW will make an Artillery Battery, maybe the 1st IVAW Assault & Battery!


Dumuro said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Army Sergeant said...


Jonathan De Wald's membership has been terminated: he is no longer a member of IVAW.

Evan Knappenberger is on indefinite suspension. You can read full details on my blog.

streetsweeper95B said...

Bravo Army Sergeant! Well done, excellent!!

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