Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dahr Jamail: Credibility Deficit Disorder

Dahr Jamail is struggling to get back on track after his pet IVAW's Winter Soldier Investigation failed to produce the longed for evidence of "the Stygian depths of depravity and evil that US service personnel have sunk…" that Jamail's fans have been longing for since he touted Jesse MacBeth as the real deal.

Jamail has another co-authored piece (with Ali al-Fadhily) at IPS entitled IRAQ: Fever Named After Blackwater.

With his usual standard of fact checking demonstrated so aptly with his MacBeth promotion (see Jesse MacBeth to Winter Soldier: Exposing Dahr Jamail), Jamail and his partner write of a form of malaria:

" What Iraqis now call Blackwater fever is really a well-known medical condition, and while it has nothing to do with Blackwater Worldwide, Iraqis in al-Anbar province have decided to make the connection between the disease and the lethal U.S.-based company which has been responsible for the death of countless Iraqis. "
Jules Crittenden calls Jamail on it, pointing out that
falciparum malaria has been called Blackwater Fever since the 19th century! Crittenden also points out that a ten second Google search by the intrepid independent reporter would have shown the term being used as such in 1991.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit picks up the story as does Bruce Kesler of Democracy Project.

Hat tips to Bruce & Dan.


If you need to get the bad taste out after that, though, read Robin Boyd's The Heart of a Marine.

And remember, if you can possibly make it, there is the BNCOC graduation ceremony at Walter Reed tomorrow morning. These wounded soldiers who undertook that training while recovering from their injuries are an inspiration, and deserve to be honored.


Anonymous said...

You are the faggiest blogger ever.

Denis Keohane said...

"You are the faggiest blogger ever."

Yeah, but I've had an unfair advantage since Chickenhawk Watch went silent.

Talon said...

You truly are a credit to the intelligence level of the "anti-war" movement, anonymous.

Jon de Wald said...


I wanted to send you an overdue apology; I sent one to TSO and This Ain't Hell and feel you deserve one as well but couldn't find an address to direct it to.

I suppose I'll just leave it here: though I feel no regret for the things I said to certain specific members of the Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up! and several more rabid pro-war elements, I feel I unfairly lumped you in with them and issued threats of violence to you which were totally unnecessary. You personally never threatened me or otherwise gave me cause to act like that and I made a mistake in treating everyone across the aisle from me, as it were, as though they were all accountable for each other's actions.

Sometime in the future, likely months or even years off, I may apply again for IVAW membership or become otherwise involved in efforts to bring the Iraq War to an end. If we encounter each other then I hope you can overlook what I've done these past weeks.

- Jon

Denis Keohane said...


Apology accepted without hesitation. From here on in, I'll also stop razzing-needling you.

Live according to your consciense, as we all must or at least should. I'll respect that, even as I argue with you.


Zero Ponsdorf said...


I am not now, nor have I ever been, pro-war.

Neither are GoE and Eagles Up or other affiliated groups!

Denis Keohane said...

"I am not now, nor have I ever been, pro-war.

Neither are GoE and Eagles Up or other affiliated groups!"

Good point Zero, needed to be made again and again. Refute mischaracterization.

NAMedic said...

I am not pro-war either. I am against using our military, as an institution, and our soldiers both as a group and as individuals, as pawns in political propaganda campaigns that eagerly make collateral moral damage out of them.

Anonymous said...

Denis, thanks for your work in exposing these frauds. Here is another IVAW liar I just found on youtube. Claims to have seen and done things in the second battle for Fallujah. Only problem is, they weren't there.


Anonymous said...

Forgot the link. Here it is:


Anonymous said...

Clarification: when I said "they weren't there," I was refering to his battalion, 1/23. They were up in the Haditha area at the time.


Vanguard 7' Bunker said...

Exposing frauds is more fun than a barrel of Code Pinkers. I just posted some new info on my former soldier and this months target of opportunity.

I love the term Credibility Deficit Disorder - consider it stolen :)

Vanguard 7

Denis Keohane said...

"I love the term Credibility Deficit Disorder - consider it stolen"

Use it with gratitude! :)

streetsweeper95B said...

Hehehe........"I love the term Credibility Deficit Disorder - consider it stolen :)"

Oh man do I love this one! Hahaha! Take care ya'll........