Friday, March 21, 2008

Winter Soldier: The Cast of Characters

This is being posted as a service for those researching and as a solicitation to anyone to offer corrections in the comments which I will use to update the post. It is an attempt, based on the audios and transcripts posted at War Comes Home, to determine which IVAW members "testified" at Winter Soldier and by extension, which had not.
  • Clicking on the persons name takes you to the WSI audio.
  • A single asterisk (*) means that person's name has already appeared and is a duplicate.
  • Two asterisks (**) denotes non IVAW members
  • Three asterisks (***) denotes an IVAW member or other veteran for which there is no confirmation found (yet) of service in either OIF or OEF.
  • "Profile" is a link to the person's IVAW Member profile.
  • "Blog" indicates the person's own blog.
  • "Post" indicates a post that discussed this member.
  • "Blog Title", e.g., Chickenhawk Express, indicates a post at that blog on the subject.

Rules of Engagement Panel 1:
Rules of Engagement Panel 2:

Veteran Healthcare Crisis Panel:

Corporate Pillaging Panel:

Gender & Sexuality Panel:

Racism and War Panel 1:

Racism and War Panel 2:

Military Breakdown Panel:

GI Resistance Panel:

By my count, there may have been a total of forty-four veterans (max) of OIF and/or OEF who testified.


Anonymous said...

Jason Hurd is a phony. I was there. He NEVER participated in a single EOD escort Mission as he states. His PSG and 1SG have verified this with me.

I can easily prove his statements to be embellished and in most cases total BS.

Denis Keohane said...

Thank you CSMVanguard.

If you get the material up somewhere, be sure to give us a link. I will post it.

Those of us who are civilians or long time out of service can check older IVAW stories/charges to match them with WSI "testimony", and also what has been claimed in the past that somehow went awol at WSI.

But it takes you folks with on the ground experience and contact to vet the more important claims we can't, and for that, thank you again.

Army Sergeant said...

You also missed active duty soldier Ronn Cantu, who was on the GI resistance panel. I'm not sure if that was to protect his identity, but he was I believe pretty public about it.

Anonymous said...

I believe you need to check with Jason Washburn's stories as well. He claims being the squad leader of the squad that was involved in the incident in Haditha on Nov. 19, 2005. As you may have seen on 60 minutes, SSgt. Frank Wuterich was the squad leader and is still pending charges. Washburn was in fact in a differant squad that was assigned a simple casualty evacuation in an intirely differant part of the city. I have watched his lies with disgust because I was in his squad. His incompetance as an NCO led to the worst dismount team I have ever seen. His poor performance as a Marine resulted as being "DENIED" reenlistment in the Marine Corps. I don't know how he seen Iraqi's bein mistreated during his last deployment because he spent the majority of our mounted patrols and stationary overwatch asleep in the back of his 7 ton truck. When he wasn't asleep he was busy handing out candy he had laced with industrial strength "hot sauce" and laughed as the Iraqi kids burned their mouths. The mistreatment of Iraqi's isn't from the military or the policy, it's the individual actions of it's members like Jason Washburn. I do not believe Washburn is a true supporter of your cause. I believe 100% Washburn is thriving off of the publicity and the drama it creates. I am not against the cause of the IVAW. I believe they are exericizing the right they all fought for, the freedom of speech. I don't believe its right to use the lies some of the former veterans are telling. As I read through the statements of some blogs, it seems alot of veterans are doing this. I hope you take a serious look at the veterans you are having to represent your organization and hopefully sucessfully sift through the phoniness for actual truth.