Sunday, March 9, 2008

IVAW: You've Got a Problem!

Some at IVAW and quite a few others have known that Jonathan DeWald, until recently president of IVAW's Milwaukee Chapter, can at times be, at the least, verbally threatening. He has exploded at his Chickenhawk Watch site with veiled and unveiled threats not unlike those he has been issuing in comments and e-mails (including to women) for weeks now and then claiming it was not him despite evidence to the contrary. Over to you, IVAW, and for some flavor of the kinds of things DeWald is now saying:
Jennifer Spranger, whom I know personally and for whom I would take a bat to anyone in the interest of protecting...
Nobody in IVAW would bust on another member like that, outing their full identity or something similarly reckless and stupid. Anyone who intentionally did would be f***ing skinned.

Spranger's boyfriend is an IVAW member, too. A combat vet of the 327th INF, one of the brigades of the 101st. And he's a f***ing badass like me. So keep your head down and your f***ing mouth shut at Winter Soldier, Denis. You've got a hell of a lot more to worry about now than me.

Me, I'm not doing sh*t to them. Not at Winter Soldier, anyway. But I'm far from being the only IVAW member who's quick with his fists.

I've decided I'm probably going to waste most of them on sight if I see them in DC away from Winter Soldier. I'll give them a clear, verbal ten-second exit opportunity to clear out of my f***ing field of vision in some pub, restaurant or subway stop. If they don't get the f*** out of my sight... oh, well. Sorry.

Real quick to talk sh*t to combat vets through a computer screen. Real quick to taunt us and f***ing cry about it when we guarantee retaliation.

See if a judge gives a sh*t when I punch holes in the backs of their heads by going through the fronts of them after the bullsh*t they've tried to pull with us.
DeWald, you are not a combat vet but have been calling actual combat vets like John Lilyea (Bronze Star) and TSO (CIB, OEF) and others things like "chickenhawks" and "pogues" for not being, in your words, as "hardcore" as you! As to this from you:
I don't know what f***ing idiot lobbied for these sh*thead right-wingers to be allowed at Winter Soldier but I fear for their safety on the campus.
I guess that would be me, who lobbied (requested of Army Sergeant is more accurate, though!) for bloggers and milbloggers to be allowed to attend and even live blog months ago, regardless of their political positions. I also made it plain a long time ago that it was always unlikely that I could be there and I never applied for admission. However, you are threatening people by name who will be there.

IVAW, it's well past the taking action point and there is no way to not take what is there, and archived and screen captured as threats of violence.

Over to you.

The implied threats DeWald has been making to bloggers who have gone through IVAW's approval for attendance process has jumped the fence to more than implied. It is time for IVAW to make a public statement that DeWald WILL NOT be at WSI, and enforce it. No one attending WSI should have to be as concerned as a reasonable person would be about the kinds of things DeWald is and has been saying.

UPDATE: Maybe something in the water, as IVAW's Evan Knappenberger does a full DeWald and lights up the blogosphere e-mails and quite possibly the FBI's switchboard.


Thus Spake Ortner said...

Frankly, I think it was his most honest post to date. I mean for once he's not holding back, threatening to waste us on sight is a great touch.

I agree with everything you posted Denis. How can IVAW allow this man to be there, and still claim that they just want to do political action without violence.

The man already has a criminal record for making threats, and he's at it again. Let us not forget the the first time he threatened us his defense was that someone stole his email and was sending it out. What defense this time? There can be none.

I for one welcome him threatening us. Let's atleast be honest about what has been doing for a while now. Now let us see if IVAW takes responsibility for the illegalities of its members.

Denis Keohane said...

"Now let us see if IVAW takes responsibility for the illegalities of its members."

Or they can do a "MacBeth" for credibilty - disavow him and distance themselves only AFTER he does something that can hurt them - as opposed to someone else!

streetsweeper95B said...

Okie dokie.....

All I have to say about the matter is....You want to call down the thunder, be prepared for Hell to arrive with it, young mista de wald.

Denis Keohane said...

Anybody else see a story along the lines of "Peace Activist with History of Threatening Violence Threatens More" published in regular media?

I can.

NAMedic said...

"Peace activist" is a misnomer anyway. They are not agitating for peace; they are for surrender, and demoralization on the homefront. They are political propagandists. And their particular rule book basically says there are no rules, only what works.

streetsweeper95B said...

MSM will tag his butt as being a "crusader", lmao! This clown has a real deal no class act going on.

Rurik said...

Comrade DeWald seems to have overlooked one thing. A lot of the people he is threatening feel themselves to be on borrowed time, myself since 1970.
Johnny, you're setting yourself up for a no-win situation. How is it gonna look when you beat up some little old man twice your age? That'd be just as bad as trying and losing. LMAO. We Eagles couldn't buy that sort of publicity. Speaking for myself, I don't really want to be a martyr, but there's a lot of things that could be worse; we all owe one death, no less, no more.
Johnny, if you're going to prosper in this world, you need to be as quicker with your brain than you claim to be with your mouth or your fists.
Xin Loi Mission Facilitator!

Denis Keohane said...

"Peace activist" is a misnomer anyway.

Yup, as is "rampage" when speaking of Haditha. But for some it works...

Rampage at Haditha: Aberrant or Endemic?
Mother Jones

Marines charged over Haditha rampage
The Australian,25197,20964186-601,00.html

"...According to eyewitnesses and local officials interviewed over the past 10 weeks, the civilians who died in Haditha on Nov. 19 were killed not by a roadside bomb but by the Marines themselves, who went on a rampage in the village after the attack..."
TIME Magazine,8599,1174649,00.html

"Eyewitness accounts suggest that comrades of TJ Terrazas, far from coming under enemy fire, went on the rampage in Haditha after his death."

"Military investigators strongly suspect that what happened in the western Iraqi city of Haditha last November was a rampage..."

And on and on and on...and of course they'll correct that, each and every one.

Army Sergeant said...

Please look for a post from me tomorrow night on this situation.

Denis Keohane said...

Sarge, at your site I assume?

For any who don't have the link:

Active Duty Patriot

skull soldier said...

streetsweeper, you've got no thunder to bring, no hell with it. and you couldn't buy any publicity at all.

like anybodys scared of you guys.

Denis Keohane said...

In case anybody doesn't actually know that skull soldier is the latest incarnation of DeWald:

DeWald, no one is trying to scare you. Trying to stop laughing at you maybe, because you've got a serious problem and it is not really funny, but scare you - no. It must be scary enough for you living with yourself.

Denis Keohane said...

DeWald has a statement up at his blog.


The other day jojosho posted a comment with links. Hitting one got me to a page that brought up non-stop and reappearing dialog boxes requiring the rapid control-alt-delete breakaway. DeWald has a link to what he calls his main page, and the same happened. Don't follow the link.

NAMedic said...


As I wrote elsewhere in connection with another IVAW "retraction" and DeWald's anticipated consequences

"Of course they won't put it on the IVAW website; it's all about the PR. This is not even about the war in Iraq . . . honest. WSI-I wasn't about the war in Vietnam either. The wars are only the fertile pretext for the propaganda. That's why everything they say is inevitably bullshit on some level. To their masters, the details of the tales they tell are beside the point, and are totally frangible. Manipulating perceptions is everything. It is all about the music, not the lyrics, as any American Bandstand alumnus can tell you. That's why parsing terms and details with them is probably a waste of time. That's why I was so off on patting Washburn on the back. He really didn't give up a damn thing from his point of view: "Yeah, you're right, sorry!" (". . . and who the f*** cares!") . . ."

This is totally validated by DeWald's ugly and sarcastic sophmorisms.

I for one am glad he's in this. His every word discredits the organization.

As I’ve written several times elsewhere, it is stunning how identical their entire operation is to the WSI of 1971 – it is like the old script was dusted off and only the names have been changed. It is like a Broadway revival. DeWald gets to reprise the role of Joe Bangert.

Dissenting Patriot said...


Have you actually contacted IVAW to find out their position on/the current status of DeWald?

streetsweeper95B said...

de wald said:

"streetsweeper, you've got no thunder to bring, no hell with it. and you couldn't buy any publicity at all. like anybodys scared of you guys."

Ya wanna know something, young mista de wald.....I was NOT issuing a threat of any kind, by any means directed to you or anyone else for that matter.

You keep harrassing & making threats? It's going to bite you on the ass real hard. That is what is referred to as "calling down the thunder". Hell is the result that follows.

You want any trouble you get into to bring yourself fame & fortune, give your amateur boxing career a shot in the arm...

As far as anyone being scared goes; I'd much rather everyone have a mutual respect for each other, agree to disagree & walk away.

However, if you think someone's going to stand idle while you are pulverizing some poor man or woman that is deemed in your cloudy judgement to have gotten in your way to a pulp, in a coma or maybe even death?

Brother, you are in for the surprise of a lifetime.

Denis Keohane said...

Hi DP,

No, I haven't contacted IVAW directly, but...

I know that folks at IVAW follow my blog...

I know IVAW was aware weeks ago that DeWald was , uh, threatening to become a major problem...

And Google blog search shows "IVAW - You Have a Problem" as the number two hit.

They know.

NAMedic said...

AMY GOODMAN: Did you fire your gun in Iraq?

EVAN KNAPPENBERGER: No, I never fired my weapon in Iraq.

In his IVAW profile he lists his rank as "cog." In the Goodman interview he is identified as PFC. After 4 years as an "intel analyst?"

It all figures, doesn't it.

streetsweeper95B said...

namedic said: "AMY GOODMAN: Did you fire your gun in Iraq?

EVAN KNAPPENBERGER: No, I never fired my weapon in Iraq.

In his IVAW profile he lists his rank as "cog." In the Goodman interview he is identified as PFC. After 4 years as an "intel analyst?"

It all figures, doesn't it."

Ehhhhhhh hehhhhhhh!!!

NAMedic said...

More on this latest loser in the Washington Post:

“Knappenberger said he was fired from his job as an analyst while in Iraq but that he served in the Army for almost four years. He was given a general discharge under honorable conditions in April.”