Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is IVAW Keeping Silent on Another Fraud?

That man among men and former Prez of the IVAW Milwaukee chapter, who has the obvious inside track into what's going on inside IVAW, the Big Punisher, aka Sgt. DeWald, writes this at blog, Chickenhawk Watch:
“Have we [IVAW] had problems with credibility before? Oh, hell yes. But that [Jesse MacBeth] incident (and the possibility that there exists another former IVAW member who can be proven to be a fraud) demonstrates only what damage a rogue member can do when he's improperly vetted and unsupervised."
"Another former IVAW member who can be proven to be a fraud"?
A month ago I wrote a post entitled WSI 2008: Will Jimmy Massey Testify?. I wondered whether a founder of the IVAW, Massey, who had been and continues to, well, peddle lurid U.S. atrocity tales around the world, would testify at Winter Soldier. IVAW's Army Sergeant didn't answer that, but obviouslyy did not like me focusing on Massey and tried to change the subject.

In the post IVAW: Questions and Answer section on IVAW credibility problems, I had this about Massey:
There is also Jimmy Massey, who served with the Marines in Iraq, and was a co-founder of IVAW. About Massey, IVAW says "After a hard fight he was discharged and has since been telling people the truth about the war in Iraq." Massey had told lurid atrocity stories to several media organs. However, after Ron Harris of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch exposed Massey's charges as false other news organs like the Modesto Bee and Sacramento Bee retracted the Massey claims they had published. Eventually the AP also did so, after using Massey as a source for several stories, and having to publicly admit that AP never even sought to verify Massey's claims with their own embedded reporter who was on the scene at the time the fabricated events supposedly took place. The career in atrocity stories that Massey began in the US, as Ron Harris called it, has moved offshore and continues.
So, is Jimmy Massey no longer a member of IVAW? Big Punisher? Army Sergeant? Anyone at IVAW? Massey was very thoroughly exposed, and it would make sense for IVAW to distance itself from him - but if so, why no public statement by or about a very public man very publicly associated with the group he co-founded, by either Massey or IVAW? Would that be because in so announcing a separation, IVAW would be admitting, tacitly at least, that Massey's stories of American atrocities were frauds, and, thatIVAW's statement about him that he "has since been telling people the truth about the war in Iraq..." is wrong!

So, IVAW: is Jimmy Massey still a member, and if so, will the chief peddler worldwide of gross American atrocities and co-founder of IVAW be testifying at Winter Soldier? If he is no longer a member, does IVAW still stand by the claim that Jimmy Massey was "
telling people the truth about the war in Iraq"?

Over to you, IVAW.

And just for giggles, anyone else getting a bit of a kick out of Big Punisher writing:

"what damage a rogue member can do when he's improperly vetted and unsupervised."


streetsweeper95B said...

I can't resist, Denis. Sergeants usage of the term brush comeing in here. BiG PuNiShErS using that same brush, dontcha think?

talon said...

LOL. Is that what they call a Freudian Slip?

Thus Spake Ortner said...

This post has gone strangely unresponded to. I wonder who could have seen that one coming?

streetsweeper95B said...

Hehehe......roger that talon & TSO!

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