Friday, March 14, 2008

Camilo Mejia at Winter Soldier Investigation

The IVAW Winter Soldier Investigation is hitting the credibility skids right out of the gate. Camilo Mejia is quoted in AFP at the very opening of the event:
"My first mission in Iraq was to run a prisoner of war camp where we used sensory and sleep deprivation techniques prior to interrogation," he recounted at the opening news conference...
Quoted by Dahr Jamail in August 2005, and "dispatched" over the world wide web through Jamail's propaganda operation, Mejia was quoted as saying:
"I tortured guys..."
So which is it, and is Mejia going to explain the disconnect? Did he torture guys, and if so, will he give the details? If he didn't, why has he let the lie be spread for over two years by a member of IVAW's advisory board, Dahr Jamail?

The AFP quotes Mejia that he ran a prisoner of war camp which is also at odds with previous Mejia statements. Mejia previously claimed that his squad was tasked to guard detainees for six, which is a bit at odds with running a POW camp!

More background and detail on Camilo Mejia's collusion with Dahr Jamail.

Also see post below.


Talon said...

IVAW's Deserter-in-Chief stands to the fore!

Stay tuned for more lies, distortions and cognitive dissonance as IVAW Kangaroo Court II continues...

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