Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WSI Milbloggers: Nice to be Noticed - Maybe?

If you were wise or fortunate enough to have started your day with Rurik's Send in the Clones at Veteran American Voices (and if you weren't go there now!), it is time to kick back and enjoy Jonn Lilyea's DC Moonbat Convergence at This Ain't Hell and TSO at The Sniper in a series of posts that can cause damage to your keyboard if you read while drinking a liquid. Luckily I had a spare....until the wife notices hers is missing.

And in the "getting under their skin" department, apparently our intrepid Winter Soldier milbloggers are now recognizable in public settings by the street demonstration set! Jonn, TSO, Rurik, you can buy anti-Bac in a spray can, and carry it with you.

And if your ribs can handle any more, drop by Robin at Chickenhawk Express and read DC Suffers Through Another Moonbat Tsunami in which THE question is asked:
What exactly does Medea flashing her goodies in a bed on the streets of DC mean? Is she protesting Eliot Spitzer?


Thus Spake Ortner said...

That Robin line is just phenomenal.

Denis Keohane said...

Right up there with:

An Apology, A Fatwah, a Vanishing Act - And Winter Soldier II Hasn't Even Started Yet!