Sunday, March 16, 2008

IVAW's Walter Mittys

Just as Camilo Mejia’s six hours in Iraq during which his squad was ordered to guard detainees evolved at Winter Soldier in a self aggrandizing manner to:
"My first mission in Iraq was to run a prisoner of war camp...” too now Geoff Millard’s story changes in the same self-magnifying way.

Years ago, in speaking of the killing of a family of Iraqis at a checkpoint and how he heard the matter discussed in a staff briefing, Millard’s story was reported as:
During the summer of 2005, Sergeant Millard, who served as an assistant to a general in Tikrit, attended a briefing on a checkpoint shooting, at which his role was to flip PowerPoint slides.
Now from his WSI Millard testimony Millard can be heard on audio saying:
"...a briefing that I gave..."
Note: audio file saved for posterity.

Mejia running a camp, Millard briefing generals and colonels...and did I mention a certain name in the previous post?

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